I broke my promise to myself and removed the wallpaper again. The only reason I did this is for a profit of $ 100,000. My family and I did not have time to wait for professional help. We sold our investment property before the work was done and needed the house ready for appraisal.

While removing the wallpaper, I realized that many housewives get the wrong advice for this horrendous task. After years of experience in more than 30 houses, I offer my best and tried advice:

1. Use a clothes steamer or rent a professional steamer

2. Soak a large part of the wall.

3. Run a “Paper Tiger” scoring tool across the wet section

4. Re-vaporize the section

5. Spray the section with fabric softener and hot water.

6. Re-mark the section with the paper tiger.

7. Steam again

8. Remove curling edges (sometimes large areas peel off)

9. Scrape with a six-inch sheet of drywall

10. Repeat the previous steps in the section until most are easily scraped off.

11. Scrub with hot water, TSP, and a sponge with a rough surface.

Cautions: Use the Paper Tiger with caution so as not to scratch or puncture the walls. Wear gloves with the strong chemical TSP.

Don’t live with ugly wallpaper anymore!

PS: Please email me if you have any additional tips on how to remove wallpaper that might help others.

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