Most test takers find the GED math test, by itself, difficult. But that mainly stems from her fear of the subject. If you think the GED math test is overwhelming, then it will be. Therefore, the first step in overcoming GED math test anxiety is to fight your own demons.

The thing about the GED math test is that, in addition to talent, it takes hard work and determination to go the extra mile. Basically math is not scary, but what gets in the way of how you pass the GED math test is your fear of the subject. Math anxiety occurs when you are so scared that it hinders your thought processes. Then you feel desperate, insecure, and lose confidence in yourself, possibly causing you to fail. It’s a battle of the mind, so to speak, which is why you have to harness your mental powers in order to beat your GED math test anxiety. Here are 3 fundamental tips.

  • Believe that you have prepared well for the test. You should have backed it up with enough action, but you must believe that your math test preparation is sufficient. You should have put a lot of effort into quality exam preparation, such as enrolling in a testing center, in addition to studying an online course. A reliable testing center will be able to provide you with GED math study guides and practice sheets that have helped many test takers as well.
  • Don’t wallow in self-pity. One problem that takes a toll on your confidence when taking math tests is that you may have scored poorly in the subject for many years in school. This type of fear is learned and can be a predominant cause of anxiety. Whenever you experience anxiety, you will focus more on your negative thoughts and fears, thereby defeating your performance. Remember the saying that says “If others can do it, you can too.” You can pass the math test even if your math scores were poor. Unlearn your belief that you are dumb in math. As you take practice tests, you got some answers right and some wrong, right? Build your confidence by focusing on your correct answers. This will instill your faith in your success and make you feel good about your math performance.
  • Affirm your positive thoughts. Practice positive affirmations – short verses that you repeat mentally or verbally to help change your thoughts or feelings about something. This concept was introduced by neuroscientists in the 1970s and has been popular ever since. You can change the way you think or feel about math by mentally or verbally reciting positive affirmations, which will ultimately help you combat test anxiety. Some of them are:

“I am smart and I can solve math problems.”

“I think my brain has enough capacity to help me find solutions to mathematical problems.”

“Mathematics is not a difficult subject, it just needs attention and concentration.”

“I am prepared and therefore I will pass the GED math test.”

Many test takers fail the GED math test because they were overwhelmed by fear and anxiety. The key to not making the same mistake is to control your fears. Preparation is the antidote that will calm your anxiety. Do your best to study for the GED math test and believe in yourself and your ability to overcome this particular feat.

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