The interior and exterior of the home are spaces that are traditionally decorated to feel physically and mentally isolated from each other. Fortunately, this narrow viewpoint is going out of style and new home remodeling trends are emerging. Instead, homeowners are taking an “inside-outside flow” approach to exterior design and remodeling. This philosophy brings the living room to the outside and the backyard to the dining room.

Do you want your home to feel bigger and more welcoming? Use these five tips to make this home remodeling trend work for you!

Add a deck or patio

One of the easiest ways to remodel your home to reflect an indoor-outdoor flow is by adding a deck or patio. You may prefer a deck if you live on uneven terrain, as they would be easier to set up than a patio. A deck can also significantly increase the resale value of your home. A patio works best if it is built on relatively flat ground. It is also the more affordable of the two options.

Whichever choice you choose, it will represent an ideal starting point for creating a living space that easily flows together.

Decorate with a common theme

In addition to using living room furniture outside, why not use a similar color theme? Color can be one of the easiest ways to psychologically bridge two areas. Use similar furniture and the colors make an area of ​​the house appear naturally, rather than ending abruptly, when you head to the adjacent outdoor area.

Build an outdoor kitchen

Many homeowners think that backyard cooking is limited to grilling during the summer months. But building an outdoor kitchen makes this a practical activity no matter the occasion. Some of the more thoughtful additions double as a second kitchen area. Be sure to hire a contractor with experience adding rooms to your home in order to make this “outdoor kitchen” a favorite spot in your home.

Consider the weather

One of the main reasons for an indoor-outdoor disconnect is that one space involves climate concerns that the other typically lacks. Still, it is possible to remodel while making the elements work to your advantage. An east-facing terrace will make breakfast pleasantly warm and provide a shady getaway during the much warmer afternoon. It is also better to opt for indoor furniture that resists wind and rain.

Add specialty doors to bring the outside in

The most effective tool for adding interior-exterior flow is to make use of special doors. While a traditional door further divides the interior and exterior spaces, these doors are created with this particular style of construction. Popular options include two- or three-fold doors, sliding glass doors, and also roller blinds.

Think of the entire space in your home as a unified living room Indoor-outdoor flow is easiest to achieve when you think of the entire home as a unified space. When planning your new remodel project, you should consider hiring a contractor who is experienced with this new trend. Many general contractors across the country are knowledgeable about this new home remodeling trend and can answer any questions you may have about renovation. Choose the one that specializes in room additions for your building needs.

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