When it comes to online marketing, everyone starts out thinking they know how to do it. But, the truth is that online marketing is not much different from other types of marketing. The tool is different, but the way it does it really isn’t.

You still need to understand who your audience is, what your product or service is, and know how to explain to your audience why you will solve their problems and why you should be offering it.

The following errors can lead to problems getting more business.

1. Don’t stick to one brand

Do not try to recreate your brand for all social networks. Keep the same branding, slightly modified for each network’s platform and features. You want your customers to know who you are, no matter where they connect with you.

2. Not looking at your competitors

You don’t want to copy your competitors, but watching them will help you stay one step ahead of them. Be aware of what kind of products and/or services your competition offers and prepare to improve them.

3. Not having a goal

It is imperative that for every type of marketing you do, you have a goal in mind. Whether it’s content marketing, pay-per-click marketing, or social media marketing, having a goal to achieve will help you know whether or not you’ve accomplished your mission. It will also help you know how to move forward.

4. Not having diverse and regular content

It is no longer enough to simply publish 500 word blog posts and hope to get a loyal following. Today, you need longer blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, memes, and more to make sure you reach all parts of your audience.

5. Not having an email list

It’s surprising how many business owners don’t realize the importance of building an email list for successful online marketing. But it is true; some people don’t build an email list, and they should.

6. Not having well-written content

You can’t just slap it and expect it to succeed when it comes to content marketing. You need original and unique content that speaks directly to your audience. Also, you need curated content from other experts that you comment on.

7. Not focusing on benefits over features

It’s tempting to discuss all the features of your product or service rather than the benefits. All marketing messages, including on your “about us” page, should be focused on your customer and how your products or services benefit them. That can be hard to understand at times, but it’s imperative to get more conversions.

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