Time and time again, mothers have been encouraged to breastfeed their children because of the many benefits it has for both of them. There are physical, emotional and financial benefits. However, some challenges come with it, and some of these challenges are low milk supply, sore nipples, engorgement, and lack of support.

low milk supply

Some pregnant women worry about not having enough milk to feed their babies, and after the babies are born, in some cases, some mothers have low milk production. When this happens, infant formula comes to mind as a replacement or to help make sure children have enough milk to drink. However, in many cases, a low milk supply can be remedied.

The more babies are positioned correctly on the breast, the more the milk will flow. Therefore, making sure that the baby “latches on” correctly is a good step to take. The baby’s mouth should completely cover the nipple and areola.

In hospitals and health clinics one can find a lactation consultant who can help them with breastfeeding.

Additionally, birth control, low or high thyroid issues, and supplements can also contribute to low milk supply.

sore nipples

Sore nipples are one of the biggest complaints breastfeeding moms have, and this can be caused by poor latch. Once this is resolved, this issue should go away. However, a little Vaseline will help heal them.


Engorgement occurs when the breasts are too full of milk and to the point of being painful. This can even make moms run a fever. On the one hand, there is a low milk supply, and on the other hand, there may be more milk than the breasts can handle. It helps to feed babies frequently and to make sure both breasts are drained at each feeding.

Lack of support

Support is always a powerful ally in whatever someone is doing, and this case is no exception. Mothers need the support of those around them, their people, if you will, but sometimes, and not always intentionally, their people do not support them in their desire to breastfeed their babies. For example, their spouses are totally okay with babies being breastfed, yet while in public, their spouses ask them not to do it in public.

Also, when mothers express the difficulties they face with breastfeeding, they are seen as finding excuses not to.

However, sometimes asking one’s village, especially those who have breastfed their babies, how they met these challenges can turn them into supporters.

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