Kitchen countertops are one of the most important design decisions you’ll make when planning a new kitchen. Depending on your budget, care and maintenance, there is sure to be one today that will give your kitchen the wow factor. One of the first decisions when considering a countertop is to think about whether you want it to make a statement, complement, or be a background to your cabinets.

I’ve recently seen a lot of overly busy countertops in homes I’ve been touring. And, some countertop materials require too much maintenance for busy individuals or families. Remember that if you plan to sell your house with its fabulous new kitchen in the next two years, you had better have something very conventional in design.
Here is an overview of the options.

-Granite. Everyone has it, many want it in their next kitchen. We have it and it looks great. It is relatively easy to keep clean, does not stain, but is noisy when plates, pots and pans are placed on it. Also, it is so hard that the glass falls off or falls off, it is history, there is no forgiveness in granite. Sealant should be applied when new and every two years.

-Concrete. It should be sealed when new and every year. Ideal for contemporary spaces. It stains easily and can be colored if necessary. Very much today, but the average buyer shuns concrete countertops.

-Marble. Great look if he doesn’t really use his countertops for more than coffee in the morning and takeout at night. Very porous and susceptible to stains.

-Glass. If you want a concrete look, but a longer visual lifespan, consider glass. It has a modern look, but it can get scratched and chipped, and it’s almost impossible to repair without replacing it.

-Stainless steel. Expensive as it is usually custom made to your specifications. If you like high tech, industry, the edginess of the chemistry lab, this is for you. Ask your friends how they like to maintain their stainless steel appliances.

-Wood. Butcher block is back. It must be oiled and the cracks open alternating wet and dry. Less is more.

-Corian. Indestructible except by very hot pots. Easy to repair and variety of colors. Good basic countertop.

Caesar stone. Artificial quartz. Think of a mix of Corian and granite, the best attributes of both. A home run in countertop technology.

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