As America becomes a more multicultural society, appreciation for Asian culture has increased, and with that has come demand for parties and decor featuring Asian themes. E-commerce shop and gift solutions business desifavors is on the forefront of this trend, providing customers with a wide selection of Indian themed party products. The company specializes in traditional Indian crafts, decorations, and gifts that are sure to enhance any home or event.

Founded by Shilpi Reddy, desifavors aims to connect the world with beautiful designs rooted in South Asian culture. The company’s product line includes everything from traditional Indian wedding favors to diy kits for children that teach them about the cultural significance of different holidays and special events. The business also supports local artisans, allowing them to showcase their talent and support their families.

Reddy started the business after noticing a lack of products that celebrate traditional Indian culture in the US. She knew that her business would be a success if she could provide people with a variety of unique products that showcased the beauty of their heritage. She also wanted to ensure that her company was environmentally conscious, so she sourced her materials from small villages in countries like India.

In addition to its range of decorative pieces, desifavors also carries a number of Indian-inspired kitchen items. The company’s popular pichwai wall hangings, palm garlands, and boho inspired rugs add a touch of elegance to any room. Their earthen kitchenware, including tea cups and serving bowls, is an excellent choice for any culinary enthusiast.

Desifavors – Connecting the World With Indian-Inspired Designs

The company’s diy kits for kids are another highlight of their product line, as they allow parents to teach their children about Indian culture while enjoying a fun craft project. The company’s lineup of shola wood flower decorations are another great alternative to fresh flowers, which have been shown to have various negative effects on the environment.

With a wide array of products, desifavors is a one-stop shop for any occasion. Their shola wood flower arrangements are perfect for Indian weddings, religious events, and other celebrations. The company also carries a variety of other home and event decorations, including teepees, diy backdrop kits, kalamkaris, and more. The business is constantly expanding its product line to cater to the diverse needs of its growing customer base.

Discover the essence of Indian traditions and culture by indulging in a delightful array of Desi favors available online in India. Embrace the vibrancy of our rich heritage with a seamless shopping experience that brings the charm of traditional favors to your doorstep.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of handcrafted pieces that reflect the skilled craftsmanship passed down through generations. Explore a symphony of colors, textures, and patterns that showcase the diversity of Indian artistry. From intricate meenakari work to the timeless elegance of silk, our Desi favors embody the soul of Indian festivities.

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