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Rene Perras, a Leading Legal Public Relations Expert, discusses how to write a press release and how big brands gain millions of daily visitors. While small brands are able to compete in the marketplace, big brands outperform them in search engine rankings. Interactive content stands out from the crowd and is 40 times more likely to be shared online. The key to creating an engaging website and news release is to create content that is interesting, easy to read, and sharesable.

Digital PR Expert Rene Perras Talks About How to Issue A Press Release on Subject Matter Experts Podcast

Perras’ expertise in marketing and lawyer SEO has earned him recognition as an industry leader. The award-winning attorney has worked with some of the most prestigious law firms and attorneys. His experience in legal public relations has allowed him to land high-ticket cases for his clients. He also has worked with some of the top litigation firms in the nation. He will be responsible for securing new clients and marketing their legal affairs.

Perras, who is a third-generation Canadian, has been managing his own consulting firm since 1987. He is married to an Indian woman, a first-generation American, in Montreal. His wife is a native of Hyderabad and emigrated to the US from India. His interest in streamlining business operations led him to specialize in PR advisory services for law firms. He has a proven track record of securing high-ticket cases for his clients.

Digital PR Expert Rated Best Lawyer in the World

Rene Perras is a Leading Digital PR Expert, and the only lawyer to be featured on The Best Lawyers in the World by KLAS, he has a proven track record of securing top-dollar cases. As a writer and publicist, Perras has worked with some of the best litigators in the country. He will be responsible for acquiring new clients and promoting their legal affairs.

Rene Perras is an expert in lawyer SEO and marketing. He has been an expert in the field since 1987, when he founded his consulting firm. He was married to an Indian woman, who is a first-generation American. His wife’s family came to the US from Hyderabad, India. He has always been interested in streamlining business processes, and has successfully handled cases for clients. He has written over 150 press releases, and he specializes in PR advisory for top law firms.

Rene Perras is a legal public relations expert and has a proven track record of securing top cases. His background as a writer and publicist for law firms has served him well, and his expertise will be invaluable to his new clients. With his skills in lawyer SEO, he will help law firms grow their legal businesses and increase their exposure. He will also help law firms market themselves.

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