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The employment lawyer is responsible for many functions that are crucial to the smooth functioning of a company. They play an active role in bargaining with the management of the firm. This gives them an opportunity to establish a fair working agreement between the employer and the employee. Labour law governs the relationship between employers, hiring bodies, trade unions and the state. Collective labour law deals with the tripartite relationship between employer, employee and union.

Minimum wage employment lawyer laws regulate the minimum amount of wages an employee must be paid monthly, weekly or daily, for the labour provided by the employer. They also govern whether an employee is paid on a piece-work basis or by the hour. They are designed to ensure that employees have a living allowance, apart from their fixed salaries, and to prevent starvation wages from eroding the working conditions of employees. On the other hand, collective bargaining and collective agreements help establish the correct working conditions for employees.

Employment Lawyer GTA

In cases of discrimination in the workplace, an employee rights lawyer can represent the applicant or complainant. There are cases of harassment at workplace and cases of worker’s compensation, unfair dismissal and other employment-related abuses. The lawyer can advise the client on the matter and help him or her file a complaint with the appropriate authorities if the case demands it. A good employment lawyer Toronto will know the local laws well and be aware of the legal remedies available.

Experienced employment lawyers can also represent clients involved in labour disputes, as they have a thorough understanding of the legal clauses applicable in the situation. Experienced lawyers form a strong rapport with the labour unions, making it easy for them to represent the complainants in court. The lawyer will collect information about the situation from the union leader and present it to the client. Local laws, regulations, requirements, and other necessities are also discussed during the course of the representation. After the case has been fully represented, the client and the union will decide whether or not to take the case to the labour courts or the statutory bodies.

Free Legal Consultation, Amazing Employment Lawyers

Every year, many people lose their jobs and struggle to make even the minimum salary due to one reason or the other. Unjust dismissals and other such unfortunate circumstances may result in financial, physical and mental hardships, even leading to the loss of a job. To ensure that their rights are protected, people hire the services of an employment lawyer who can guide them through the process of filing a complaint. It is better to handle the employment lawyer before the situation becomes very serious, as instances of wrongful termination and other similar employment-related matters often occur without anyone realizing.

The majority of lawyers charge a flat fee arrangement. Lawyers usually ask for a percentage of the final compensation amount as their fees. The total cost of hiring an employment lawyer may vary from case to case depending on the need of the client and the complexity of the issue. If there are many employees in a particular case, the fees can be high as well. Therefore, it is important to research thoroughly on the fee arrangement before hiring an employment-based attorney to help you represent your claim.

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