There are times when homeowners want to sell their home on their own and need to attract as many buyers as possible. There are some advertising tips to keep in mind to save time, money, and peace of mind.

One of the most effective ways to attract buyers is to advertise online, as most buyers today search online before consulting a broker or agent. Today there are many classified sites that allow you to advertise for free. Just type “for sale by owner” into your Google or Yahoo! search bar and you will find many options on the first page. For better presentation and broader exposure, some sites may request premium updates and these may be a good idea depending on the urgency of your specific situation. If there is no rush, you can avoid them and just advertise on the free sites without spending any money.

The goals of most sellers are the same regardless of whether or not they list with a real estate professional. They want a quick sale with the highest possible price and the least hassle. For all homes for sale by owner, it is imperative to have the right things in the listing so that they can attract the right type and the most buyers.

In any ad, the title is by far the most important part. Some experts say that it represents 80% of the effectiveness of the ad. I always like to use independent testing. If you put just the headline and a phone number in a newspaper, will the phone ring? Look at the ads that are already in the newspaper or wherever you are thinking of advertising. Which ones attract your attention? Don’t feel bad about copying what they do. It’s easier than starting from scratch.

Remember to also add photos when possible. Take lots of photos and use as many of the best ones as possible. You don’t need to hear too much about taking photos, so I’m not going to dwell on the topic. Just keep in mind that when searching for houses, it makes good sense to look at the ones with photographs first.

You also have to make sure that the price they ask for the house is fair and leave a maximum of ten percent of negotiation margin. Brokers / agents and some websites can help you determine the sale price of the property. comes to mind immediately. Along with marketing and exposure, price is one of the most important aspects of selling a home, so don’t go to a website that tells you the “value” of your home and use that price. Do your research. Why have comparable homes been sold in the same school district in the past 3 months?

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