These are three excellent weeks for bonding and cooperation. You can develop a better relationship with others, exchange information or clarify your thoughts by sharing ideas with someone. Combined or cooperative efforts can also be very productive in practice. Friends, clients, employers or those who provide you with a service are likely to be supportive and easier to get along with until the 3rd. Your practical skills and help could be useful and appreciated by others. From then on, the energies favorably highlight the special people who are already in your life or, if you are looking, that certain person could appear. You could be enjoying certain close relationships a lot right now.

The mental focus may be introspective and could be weighing things related to money or joint ownership that has to take into account someone else’s rules or requirements. Or maybe you are researching information by digging and digging a little deeper and strategizing.

With Mars energizing a work area, you may be very busy with daily practical tasks and maintenance or repairs, and this would be the right time to put physical effort into getting organized with tasks and decluttering a work space. Mars will also trigger health issues and during this phase you can take steps to improve health and fitness or any other aspect of your existence that can increase overall efficiency.

The partial solar eclipse in your opposite sign Cancer signals new beginnings in close personal or professional relationships, so if necessary, take the initiative to improve things through cooperation and compromise beginning on the day of the eclipse on January 1. July.

For about 12 months, Jupiter will usher in a more playful and sociable mood. This will encourage his own spontaneity and give him more opportunities to shine in his own unique way through his leisure activities or with children, young animals, or a creative enterprise. Your originality may come out and some others may be giving you admiring glances or making you the center of attention for other reasons.

Some of you may have more of a connection to the entertainment or leisure industry or have the opportunity to pursue a hobby or hobby that you enjoy with someone whose company you value. You will feel bolder and more willing to be playful and this Jupiter transit is ideal for all loves and creative money making schemes.
Saturn and Pluto have you wondering about your long-term direction across the board. And this is in the background when you make decisions about what to do in the now. You are looking for ways to build a new structure for yourself, and along the way much of what you have been or are qualified for, or the role others expect you to play will be useful, but now you may need it. rethink or improve so that you can feel more secure and gain the status or recognition you deserve along with improvements in your close relationships and a stronger identification with what you do for a living.

Uranus will be at the bottom of your Sun Chart for many years to come. A significant change will affect home base or family members sending ripples through your own life during Uranus’ 7 year transit here. It will probably change your opinion about where your true roots are in this world. There may be several scene changes during 2011 if Uranus comes within range of an important point in your birth chart. Your foundations may be shaken and you will have to adapt to an environment that is sometimes inspiring and sometimes uncertain.

Capricorns born in the first week or first 7 degrees of Capricorn Ascendant will feel this vibration more this month.

You will be feeling Pluto’s emotional hangover, reminding you that this is a time to start redesigning and renewing your short-term ambitions and long-term goals and taking steps to achieve them. This may mean letting go of a long-standing agreement, set of expectations, habit, relationship, or career.

You must follow your deepest instincts now, as this is your personal evolution.

Capricorns born from December 25 to January 1 with 3-8 degrees of Capricorn Ascendant will feel this vibration more this month.

Beginning on the 23rd is a phase of gear changes, but you may feel a bit self-protective at times as you assess where your priorities lie and how best to move forward.

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