Monogamy is not loyalty. Monogamy is loving the most amazing person in our entire lives.

Despite what fundamental naturalists and psychologists may say about man’s need to spread his seed, it is not true. Man’s eternal search for eternal happiness does not include the demand to spread the fruit of his loins.

Yes, we are sexual beings, but none of us are driven by sex. Gay or straight, transgender or bisexual, asexual or polyamorous, we all crave contact. We long for understanding. We long for honesty. We long to be loved for who we really are.

Most say that it is normal for us to have secret sexual desires for more than one lover; many would argue that a sexual partner must be maintained through strict and disciplined loyalty. But take a look at what really matters: “You are the only one I want. You are the only one I need. You are the only one who intensifies my fantasies.” What else would fireworks set off through our souls at any given time, on any given day?

Fantasies play a very important role in all of our minds. We fantasize about everything from money to sex, cars, caresses, love and intimacy. But keep in mind that the particles that make up the world around us are the same particles that make up the fantasies that consume us. So which one is real?

Here’s a new concept, which changes a common misconception: reality is not real. Reality … is highly overrated.

Fantasies are the real thing. Reality is really the nonexistence that exists in our minds. Being so broke we cannot buy beans; have a gas bill with 3 months expiration on the verge of cutting; receive a letter in the mail explaining that our house is in foreclosure … is this real?

On the contrary, is our behavior, our attitude and our lover the reality that consumes us? Imagine, “Honey, we have this. We have each other. That’s all we need. I will take care of you. I will protect you. I will love you forever.”

Fantasies precede only what exists in reality that we realistically create. Our fantasies become our reality. And I’m not expressing the cliché, “we reap what we sow mentally.” I am preaching true love. Movie love. The love we long for, long for, long for and beg for.

The families we create do not form a family unit. Children do not marry. Children do not form a family. The family begins with the spouses. Reality can be expressed in what exists in our minds, hopes, and actions rather than the tangibility of bills, children, houses, or cars.

So how do we find this true love?

Taking two to tango becomes quite mysterious if you look at it from the right perspective. In fact, it takes two people for a relationship to work, but do we really want a relationship to just work?

The grass is not greener on the other side. The grass isn’t even greener where we water it. The grass is greener where men follow the commission of God, the Universe or the Universal Mystery of Life to lead our ladies to eternal love. Men do not need to water the grass where they lie. We need to be the mature beings brought to this earth to propose an endowment to our lovers with the gift of true love. Men are the leaders in the dance of life … women follow. Women want nothing more than to follow, despite how many women seem to want to lead the charge to change this world. This is only because men have failed them. Hear it. Believe it. It belongs to me.

Men, let’s lead the way. Let’s take our lovers’ fantasies and make them come true through our feelings, words, actions, and service. We really prefer fantasy to “reality”, and all fantasies begin with our lovers. Take the fantasy and see it as reality. Let’s find our soul mates and turn our everyday monotony into true monogamy that requires nothing less than explosive fireworks, which don’t always go off, but are constantly ready to be lit.

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