Build a PT Racer with just a few items you can find around the house. This is a fun kids craft for kids, parents, teachers, and educators to learn how to build, and you can make it with very simple materials. Just follow the instructions and watch the step-by-step video and photo to learn more.

pt runner


Find these or similar supplies!

* 1 paper towel tube

*Old box or some cardboard (for wheels)

* 2 straws

* Tape (colored tape for decorations)

1. Make your wheels!

Start by making your PT Racer wheels. Take an old box or a piece of cardboard and draw four circles (two big ones for the rear wheels and two small ones for the front ones). Then carefully cut off all four wheels. Find the center of each wheel and make a small hole for the straw axle to slide through. Try not to make the hole too big, or the wheels could wobble.

2. Make your axle holes!

I then made 4 holes in my PT tube using a hole punch. Try to make all of your holes as level as possible. Now insert your hub straws. I had to adjust my holes a bit to get the straws to spin freely.

3. Add the wheels!

Now slide your cool wheels onto their straw axles. Trim the straws down, making sure to leave a little excess so you can fit the wheels and you can tape the ends to secure the wheels.

4. Add a nose cone!

I decided to make the front end of my PT Racer look fast by adding a tapered nose. I made a paper cone, cut it out and glued it to the front. You can make your front end look however you want! It’s your project, so experiment and have fun!

5. Make a queue!

How about a tail? I cut out a few different designs, held them up, and settled on this look. This is where you can get really creative. Clever! Your PT Racer is ready to go at daring speeds!

6. Dress up your PT Racer!

Now my favorite part of every project… dressing it up! For my PT Racer I used three colors of duct tape. I took all the pieces apart and carefully covered everything with various colors of tape. You can experiment with markers or stickers or anything you can think of! The sky is the limit!

7. Add racing stripes!

My PT Racer looked pretty plain, so I cut strips of tape in different colors to achieve a racing stripe look. You can try polka dots, flames, or lightning bolts for a fun decorative touch.

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