Plants are useful to use in many ways. Plants provide us with the basic requirements for survival. The most important needs of human beings are food, clothing, and shelter. Plants comply to a great extent. Plants are the main source of food in the form of cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits and oil.

Plants provide us with clothing material. Cotton and flax are plants that produce fibers. Cotton is obtained from the hair of the cotton seed coat. These cotton fibers are used to weave clothes. The hemp and jute obtained from the stem are not only used to make bags, ropes and rugs, but are also used today to make clothing. Flax fiber also obtained from the stem and used as a fine cloth fiber, for example, linen, cloth, thread, canvas, carpet, etc.

All life ultimately depends on plants. If there were no plants, all life on earth would come to an end, because plants produce food, if there is no food to eat, man and animal will starve. Plants also emit oxygen. If there is no oxygen, no living thing would survive without breathing. Plants need an adequate amount of sunlight, air, water, and temperature to grow well.

Since ancient times, plants have been used as medicines. Herbal medicines are made only from plants; these do not cause side effects compared to synthetics.

Plants that have soft, green, perishable stems are called herbs, for example coriander, peppermint, spinach, oregano, and fennel and even for that matter, the banana plant is a giant herb. Herbs are very small, slow-growing plants that live for only a few months. Most herbs make food taste good.

The flower that is part of the plant is usually the most beautiful and conspicuous part of the reproductive organ of the plant. The sole function of the flower is to produce seeds and fruits for reproduction. Flowering plants are grown in homes, gardens, parks, and roadsides for their bright colors, beautiful shapes, and sweet smell. Cut flowers are used for interior decoration in homes and restaurants.

The petals of some flowers contain sweet-smelling oil that is used to make perfumes or scents. The most used are rose, jasmine, kiore and lavender. Cloves are also a cocoon that is used to flavor our food.

Different types of plants and flowers make our land green and beautiful. To take advantage of its benefits, you may consider growing it in your garden.

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