The LG BL40 is a new Chocolate model released by LG and caught the attention of tech lovers on the very day of its launch. Users say that the LG BL40 Chocolate is a combination of science and beauty and has become a major source of attraction for users.

It is the fourth phone in LG’s Black Label series. It looks great with a 4-inch widescreen. The wide screen is slightly different from other conventional screen layouts and the aspect ratio is 21:9. Not only does this give the user fantastic viewing quality, but they can also enjoy cinema-like features on their mobile phone screen.

The handling of the mobile will be quite easy and comfortable since it has a large screen. It will be very difficult for the user to navigate the internet since with an 800 pixel they will not have to scroll horizontally to read the entire web page.

The real VGA screen of the mobile phone makes the appearance of objects more real and colorful. With this screen, photos will look sharper, videos will have a more animated appearance, and the user will be able to read documents quite easily without stress on the eyes. The screen is covered in curved tempered glass and has a glossy black finish with red highlights. Despite the wide screen, the phone looks quite slim and attractive.

This phone has a 5 megapixel camera which is a dream for photography loving users. This will also act as a really useful device if you want to have the video of your different moments in life. The panoramic screen offers a fantastic view of the objects. It also helps the user to take a perfect photo session. You’ll love viewing the images later on the widescreen. The phone’s wide screen can easily bring you a movie-watching experience on the go.

Internet works fine on this LG phone and you can use instant messaging and send emails from your mobile phone. The 4-inch screen is unique in that it contains a dual screen user interface. With its help, the user can view two different types of content at the same time. It is very useful when you are checking your email, sending messages or making appointments. You can search and view two different menu items at the same time.

The rotation between portrait and landscape mode is simply excellent. Another useful feature that has been added is that you can use gestures on the screen and get to a particular menu item. For example, if you draw an S on the lock screen, you will go directly to the video gallery. As a result, navigation through the different menus was neat and elegant and any menu can be reached easily and quickly. Apart from all this, this phone from the house of LG also supports DivX, Xvid and MPEG-4 video, and WiFi and HSDPA connectivity.

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