While blogging may not fit all business strategies, they can be used in so many ways that businesses should never overlook the value of having their own blog. Unfortunately, blogging has a reputation for being a time-consuming activity, and it can be, depending on how you decide to run your blog. How often new posts are posted is really up to the individual, and because of this flexibility, blogging can be very doable for most businesses. Blog posts, for example, can only be published when the business has something to advertise. Others may decide to post monthly, biweekly, or twice a week.

Initially, I started blogging in 2004 to help promote our business, with Dave providing the graphics, images, and advertisements. Over time, my passion for blogging grew exponentially; the simple act of sharing information that has many possibilities to influence a positive change in the world … It is an incredible feeling! When I look at the statistics that show me that people all over the world are finding our blogs, it really feeds my soul, it’s like a coffee shake to me. It excites me and inspires me and I want to do more, and more and more.

I have studied marketing for some time in business management classes, forums and forums or communication groups, online radio shows, blogs and all the books I could get between 1994 and 2012. I have discovered that there are many techniques and tools involved in management effective blog.

Most blogging service providers like Blogspot or WordPress will allow the owner to create unique images and designs, making the blog more distinctive. Once we decided on the theme of our business and the desired reputation, we were able to choose the colors, graphics, text and images that will reflect our business.

In marketing classes I learned that the business must be instantly recognizable, that’s why our pages on social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Blog and Website have similar themes. We use images and colors of nature (blue, green, brown). At the same time, it’s important that each site is slightly different so that it targets that particular audience directly. It sure is an interesting challenge. Fortunately, I have my web and graphics expert husband create the perfect look for us.

Everything we do crosses references to everything else. For example: Brummet’s Mindful Discussion blog has links to our social media, the author’s page on Amazon, Dave’s drum studio, our music blog, and our website. It also has multiple pages that people can find by clicking on the tabs just below the header. There you can find a media page (provides links to recent media appearances), a product review page, and the “about us” page. We also created a special page for the local area, connecting volunteers with opportunities for new experiences. Similarly, the BrummetMedia.ca website links to our social networks, blogs, etc. Every blog post has little “share” buttons on social media, so I always use those too. I will post to social media and social media groups to invite submissions, highlight guest appearances, or raise awareness of an event.

These days, I spend a lot less time blogging than ever, by choice. In the beginning, you were probably working about 10 hours a week working on the behind-the-scenes activities, from dealing with inquiries to writing, scheduling and uploading daily posts, searching for content, or writing it. These days, I spend a few days a month, scheduling posts often months in advance, and then I spend once every few days as needed to manage comments, check stats, and so on.

To see what we’ve done, check out our two blogs:

The Brummet Mindful Discussions Blog topics focus on promoting a conscious, green, proactive and positive lifestyle. We hope to inspire our readers by helping them realize the value of their efforts to make the world a better place. We offer networking opportunities in the form of posting articles, poems, postings and resources, or our product review services. http://ConsciousDiscussions.blogspot.com

Dave and I also have a second blog for drummers and percussionists: https://DrumItWithBrummet.blogspot.com where readers will find quotes, articles, interviews, product reviews, funny stories, memes, and more.

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