There are a number of spectacular beaches in Costa Rica. There is immense natural beauty to enjoy that everyone instantly falls in love with this wonderful place. The most visited beaches are generally in the area on Sundays. Orchid Lodge is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. The Orchid Lodge is located in the heart of the most picturesque Costa Rica. The first impression of this place will be that it has much more than just a Bed & Breakfast. This place has a lot of character, all the furniture has the air of the French country, the comfort is such that sometimes you even forget that you are in Costa Rica. However, this changes the moment you look through the large windows, the colors are darker and the sun is generous. The lush and beautiful garden has a few tables, if you wish, you can also dine there. The venue has an on-site manager who is always happy to accommodate any special request.

Costa Rica is not a large country, but it still has an incredibly diverse climate. There are things for every person to enjoy here. Every day there is something new and exciting, even street music has a different feel. Guests of the orchid lodge have the option of selecting tours at different levels of activity and style. There is the option of having custom tours as well. The first tour is normally through the Poás Volcano National Park, this is approximately half an hour from the Orchid Lodge. This is a country of volcanoes and you will be amazed to find the lush forest bed and streams that surround the area. The volcano has a crater about 300 meters deep. There is another crater in the Botos lagoon. This has been turned into a lake over the years. The water is cold here, the last time this volcano erupted in 1910. This is the largest geyser system in the world.

The visit to the Orquídea lodge will allow you to observe the flora and fauna of Costa Rica and its splendid beauty. There is vegetation, rain forest and cloud forest as well. The famous green squirrels are found nowhere else in the world except here. You can also see the ferns and bonsai trees that can survive acid rain. The rooms at the Orchid Lodge are clean and comfortable. The menu is created with delicious local products. The meat was plentiful and the best friend fish you could ask for is there. You can order food throughout the day. Child and pet care is also offered here.

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