With their long, thick light fur, jet black noses, and extra-large size, the friendly faces you would look at may sound and look a bit like a polar bear cub, but this is the beautiful breed of domestic dog known as the Great Pyrenees. Dogs were bread as protectors against predators, protecting people, sheep, and property against wolves and bears. As with other large breeds, they have a slower metabolism and may appear lazy, but are actually just “chilling.” They need space to move and feel comfortable like any other breed of animal. An extra-large doghouse would be a suitable space to relax outside for your four-legged security system.

Standing up to 30 inches or more on that shoulder and with an average weight of over 110 pounds, you need to make sure you have the space if you are going to bring these devoted and affectionate dogs into your home. Because they were bred to be protectors, you should have a large fenced in yard where they can ‘patrol’ a certain space, defined by you. If you allow them to take over, they can become territorial in a larger area. It would be beneficial to have a well-built doghouse for this extra-large outdoor breed. This will give them their own space on the outside and you will have a break on the inside.

They also need to know from you who is welcome in your home. They will bark to warn you of intruders. You need to give clues as to who is accepted and they will follow suit and generally welcome anyone. As with any dog, having their fixed space to go is a great training tool and these born territorial defenders would do well to have their own backyard doghouse where they can walk and feel like they are doing their job keeping order in the store.

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