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Renting Student Accommodation in Nottingham

Student Accommodation in Nottingham

As one of the UK’s biggest student cities, Nottingham caters to students in all ways. It’s a spirited and welcoming place that blends old and new well with large modern shopping centres and traditional markets. It also has a fantastic choice of theatres, music and entertainment venues as well as two excellent universities and a superb selection of museums and galleries.

You can find a wide variety of Nottingham student accommodation ranging from large shared flats to private en suite studios. You will also find a wide range of facilities in the city including on-site gyms, courtyards and stylish social spaces.

Choosing student accommodation in Nottingham is a great way to get the most out of your time at university. The city centre is a short walk away from both Universities and has some of the best bars, restaurants and cafes in the UK. If you want a more quiet study location you can choose student accommodation in the city’s leafy suburbs such as Beeston where you will still be close to a buzzing high street and plenty of pubs, shops and restaurants. There is also the stunning Wollaton Park which offers a calming green space for when you need to take a break from studying.

Renting Student Accommodation in Nottingham

As well as the big name high street stores you can also find a great choice of independent shops and boutiques across the city. The compact and pedestrianised city centre means it is easy to find your way around and there are plenty of opportunities for retail therapy in the many shops. When it comes to bigger purchases the Victoria Centre has everything you need and is home to big-name retailers such as John Lewis.

There is a huge choice of bars and clubs in the city with something for everyone. The hottest spot is often Hockley with its lively mix of bars but you will also find cool little venues down hidden alleyways as well as a few infamous nightclubs. If you need a break from the madness of the clubs and bars you can head to the calming green spaces such as the Nottingham Arboretum or Stonebridge City Farm which has animals for you to enjoy.

Accommodation providers can offer personal and professional development programs to support students in their personal growth and career aspirations. These programs can include leadership workshops, skill-building sessions, or career coaching opportunities. By investing in students’ personal and professional development, accommodation providers empower students to thrive academically and prepare for their future careers.

If you want to get out of the city and explore the rolling hills of Sherwood Forest there are several bus routes and a train station located in the heart of the city. The city is also extremely bike friendly and has a network of cycle paths that connect the main areas and you can hire bikes and use a free map at various points in the centre of the city.

You can rent your Nottingham student accommodation with bills included which will cover your electricity, gas and water. This will be clearly stated on the property listing and you can choose to have a fixed price contract or an option to pay by Direct Debit which will give you flexibility to pay over time as opposed to all at once.


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