Resinous smoothing is like a 2-3mm thick pigmented material (vs 5cm thick cement smoothing) that can be laid over any existing surface without lifting your existing floor. The best thing is that it does not even generate debris and the work is fast. You will notice how the placement seems to be very easy and fast. We can say that it is basically an improved option for smoothing the well-known cement.

The epoxy-resin is suitable for floors, walls, stairs, bathrooms, terraces, countertops, without having to lift or remove ceramic tiles, marble, etc. It also has a wide range of colors, can be used both indoors and outdoors and does not require that it not collapse like cement. It can even be maintained with a damp cloth.


Several benefits and advantages are related to resinous floors. It offers practically the same finish and more variety of colors than cement. It can be placed without raising the floor above. The fast installations, together with its impermeability, are its main characteristics. You will be delighted with these floors.


You need to address the technical details. The use must be skilled labor. It may seem difficult at times, however if you get the proper tutorials and guidelines, you will be fine. However, you can also find technical help to avoid errors with the resin. It’s your decision!

Some decorating ideas

If you want to renew the appearance of your office, business, home or any room in particular, without much effort and very quickly, resin is the best option. The resin is placed over any existing flooring, using a bulldozer paste to cover any imperfections or boards (as when applied to ceramic). In a few hours -if it is free of dust and dirt- you can give a new face to the floor of any room, bathroom or kitchen.


You can also use this on the walls. Renovating the surface of the old bathroom tiles and leaving them modern and neat, with the variety of colors that you can think of. Because it is washable, resin is an ideal option for high-use areas in kitchens and bathrooms and, of course, in children’s rooms. For example, your restaurant can be completely improved in a very short time!

Smoothing styles differ, but you can apply it on a smooth floor. However, to achieve a more interesting or rustic setting, you can do it together with the design you want. The stamps can be made of metal, wood, or you can simply leave a gap between the panels. An interesting option is to place resinous flooring on worn flooring, blinds or mosaics. Exterior epoxy performs very well. You may be advised to always wear light colors. You can always try non-slip flooring, especially near a swimming pool. This is a great option to prevent accidents. For a modern look, consider painting the baseboard floors the same color as the wall! You can definitely create an outstanding image. Don’t limit yourself and start reaping the benefits of the incredible characteristics of resinous floors.

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