So you’ve just designed your amazing new website. Now what? How do you get your target audience / market to explore your new business home online? The answer? Online marketing.

Online marketing, also known as Internet marketing, is the art of using various techniques and methods to advertise and sell products or services over the Internet. These techniques and methods can be classified into the following categories: email marketing, YouTube marketing, blogging, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and more.

However, today I would like to focus on one main category of online marketing, search engine results. Search engine results are divided into two subgroups: SEO (search engine optimization) and Pay per click (paid advertising). More specifically, I would like to focus on Google AdWords.

SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO is a natural / organic way to get your website to show up in the top results on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! This type of online marketing needs maintenance and will need to be maintained over time to ensure consistent results. SEO provides organic search results.

SEO is a great way to build brand awareness and a lasting business image on the Internet.

The concept of SEO is simple: optimize your website to be “search engine friendly”, however executing this is a difficult and time-consuming task. SEO is not a one-time online marketing tool that you can use to promote your business, it is a long-term investment. The ROI of SEO is excellent and cannot be compared to any other marketers as it all depends on how competitive your niche is with regard to SEO and of course how good your team of SEO experts is.

Hiring the right SEO company is critical. Don’t rush into this step, if you do, you can get your website banned and blacklisted by search engines or you can get the best online marketing out there. As mentioned above SEO is a long term investment, this means that all SEO / Website Design companies that promise first page Google results for X amount of money are wasting their money on cheap / illegal tricks. These tricks usually work for a week or two, but once Google, Bing, or Yahoo picks up on these tricks (and they will), your website and domain name will be blacklisted and removed from their Search results. SEO is not a cheap service, it requires hours of complicated work. Quality online marketing companies know what their SEO is worth.

Google AdWords (pay-per-click advertising)

Pay per click advertising, also known as PPC, is a method of getting results on the first page / top of the search engine by paying X amount of money for that first page / top position. Google AdWords has a system that allows users to bid on a certain keyword to rank among the first results. For example, if your business sells used cars, you would bid on keywords like “used cars,” “second-hand cars,” etc., and when someone types in “used cars” into Google, your website will appear at the top. from the search results. This form of online marketing can be very effective if used correctly and ROI can be measured very precisely.

Although Google AdWords sounds like a simple and easy-to-use online marketing tool, it should be done by an expert. Countless people have spent thousands of rand adding an extra 0 to some keywords or wasted their money targeting the wrong search groups. Running a successful Google AdWords campaign is also a very complicated and time-consuming process, however, unlike SEO, Google AdWords will give you an immediate result. Getting a professional online marketing company to run your Google AdWords campaign will optimize your ROI and ensure that your search engine ads are correct and professional.

Online marketing conclusion

Both SEO and Google AdWords have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one over the other depends entirely on the circumstances of the business. However, choosing both will always be a good decision. Running a Google AdWords campaign while SEO on your website is the best online marketing solution. This will ensure that you get real-time results and traffic to your website from Google AdWords, but it will also increase the quality of your SEO, as search engines want to present websites that receive a lot of traffic.

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