Carnevale Festival in Italy

Celebrated 40 days before Easter, Carnevale is a great festival that takes place before Ash Wednesday. The most important celebrations are held in Viareggio, Ivrea and Venice. Carnevale celebrations are held in many cities around the world.

Celebrate the new year in Italy

Italians bring in the New Year with music, dancing, and fireworks. Celebrations can vary from city to city.

Festa della Madonna Bruna in Matera, Italy

This is a unique festival that takes place in southern Italy in July. The climax of the festival comes when a Chariot carrying the Virgin is destroyed. The Chariot is made of papier-mâché and takes a whole year to create. Making the Chariot is a skill passed down from generation to generation.

Ardia di San Costantino

Held in Sardinia, L’Ardia di San Costantino is an Italian horse race. l Palio di Siena

Il Palio di Siena is a famous festival and horse race, probably the most famous in the country.

Umbrian Jazz Festival in Perugia

This is a very popular international jazz festival that takes place in July in Perugia.

At Carnevale Ogni Scherzo Vale

Italians have this carnival before the 40 days of deprivation experienced during the advent of Lent. This type of festival has become popular in cities around the world.

Valentine’s Day in Italy

Italy celebrates Valentine’s Day with shops selling porcelain baskets or mugs filled with sweets tied with ribbons. Getting engaged on Valentine’s Day is a tradition in Italy.

Christmas in Italy (Buon Natale)

Christmas in Italy is marked with the colors white, red and green, which are also the colors of the Italian flag. Italians enjoy Christmas traditions, recipes and rituals every year.

Easter in Italy (Buona Pasqua) Italy celebrates many ceremonies during the Easter holiday regardless of the date of the holiday. Most of the ceremonies are carried out by the churches.

Thanksgiving in Italy

Italy celebrates Thanksgiving, but in a different way than America. Family food generally consists of Italian recipes (rather than turkey) that have been passed down through the generations. Families gather for a traditional meal during the holidays.

Celebrate at the Venice Carnival The Venice Carnival is a traditional festival where partygoers wear masks. It is romantic and considered one of the biggest festivals in Europe.

Festa del Redentore

This is a Venetian festival held to celebrate the end of a plague that occurred during the 16th century. It usually takes place the second week of July with a fireworks show and a regatta. An architect named Antonio Palladio built the Church of the Redeemer as a memento of the occasion.

Scoppio del Carro

This is an event that takes place on Easter Saturday in Florence, where an ox-drawn cart rides through the streets on a journey to Il Duomo. Fireworks are lit from the vehicle.

Spoleto Festival

Known as the “Festival of the two worlds”, this is one of the most popular music events in Italy.

Other traditional events in Italy (City or region indicated in parentheses)

* Festival of the Almond Blossoms (Agrigento) – Festival of singing, fireworks and costumes.

* Giostra del Saracino (Arezzo) – Also known as the Joust of the Saracens, this is a tilt contest that takes place on the first Sunday in September. Knights in armor represent the customs of the 13th century.

* Calendimaggio (Assisi): also called Holy Week Celebration, this is Italy’s Easter event to celebrate spring as they did in medieval times.

* Della Quintana Tournament (Ascoli-Piceno) – This is the Justa de Quintana held on the first Sunday in August. It is a contest in which the contestants wear costumes from the 15th century.

* Palio San Secondo (Asti) – This is a 700-year-old ceremony in which participants wear 13th-century costumes.

* Sagra di San Nicola (Bari): it is a historical costume procession that takes place on May 7.

* Sagra di Sant ‘Efisio (Cagliari): from 1 to 4 May a large colorful procession takes place in which pilgrims dress in 17th century costumes accompanied by horses, chariots and a statue of the saint on foot.

* Calcio Fiorentino (Florence) – This is a soccer match held in June that resembles soccer matches from medieval times.

* Infiorata (Genzano) – A beautiful flower festival, where a religious procession takes place in flower-lined streets.

* Balestrieri (Gubbio): Known as the Palio of Archers, this is a medieval crossbow competition held on the last Sunday in May. The participants wear medieval weapons and costumes.

* Fiesta de Santa Rosalía (Palermo) – Held in July, this event features fireworks, bands and a procession in honor of the city’s patron saint.

* Fair of the Epiphany in Piazza Navona (Rome): a January fair with sweets, toys and gifts that is held outdoors in the beautiful Bernini fountains.

* Estate Romana (Rome) – Coordinated by the city of Rome, this event takes place from the end of June to August or during the Roman summer. There is a summer season of outdoor entertainment organized by the Rome Opera. Highlights include music, ballet, opera, theater, and more.

* Carnival in Venice (Venice): Held in February and March, this celebration features masks and costumes, music, fireworks, and mimes. Entertainment is provided on the streets.

Wherever you go in Italy, there is bound to be a special event or festival nearby. Italy is full of fun celebrations all year round. You can join and become a part of these great traditions when you visit Italy.

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