If you have decided to remodel your kitchen, then you have thought about what you are going to do with all your old furniture once you have removed it. If you don’t want to throw away your old cabinets, you can think about repurposing them as storage cabinets in the garage. Not only will your garage look cleaner and more organized, but all of your items will also stay neat.

Here are the steps to repurpose your old kitchen cabinets as garage storage cabinets:

• Step 1 – Once you’ve removed your kitchen cabinets, you need to set them up how you’d like them to look in the garage. Be sure to measure the cabinets and draw lines to indicate where they will hang.

• Step 2 – Next, you’ll install the garage storage cabinets. Mark where the studs are on the wall and if your walls are made of poured concrete then you will drill 1×4 nailer strips into them. If you want, you can paint the walls white to reflect more light into your garage.

• Step 3 – Pick a corner to start with and begin installing the first cabinet. Be sure to remove the doors beforehand to make the job easier. You’ll need someone to help hold the cabinet in place, so you can screw it securely to the wall.

• Step 4 – If you want 2 layers of cabinets, then you should have started with the top cabinet first. Make sure you have aligned the lower cabinet with the upper cabinet. Continue working along the wall until you finish installing the top and bottom cabinets.

• Step 5 – You will now need to attach the garage storage cabinets. To do this, hold the front frames and connect them with a screw making sure the screw goes from one frame to the other. Reinstall the doors on the cabinets once you’re done. Since you most likely don’t have enough cabinets to cover all of your wall space, you may want to install pegboards in them for a better look and more space to store your tools or sprays.

• Step Six: If you decide to install boards to use as workbenches, you’ll need plywood to fit into your open spaces. Measure the area before looking for the wood. You’ll want the boards to stick out a bit more than the cabinets.

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