Investment banking is a particular division of banking associated with the creation of capital for governments, other companies and entities. banks support in complex financial transactions.

Many large investments are subsidiaries of larger banking institutions, and the rest have become household names, such as Morgan Stanley (Asiamoney magazine named it the best investment bank in Asia in 2008), Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Deutsche Bank. .

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, we have Mandiri Sekuritas as the largest investment bank in Indonesia, DBSI, Citi, BNP Paribas, CIMB Securities, etc. Bankers are experts who help governments, corporations and other groups before moving forward, plan and manage their big projects, preserving their money and time by analyzing risks related to the project.

Specific Tasks of Investment Banking

The particular tasks of Investment Banking are detailed below.

Investment banks help in the sale of securities.
Facilitate mergers and acquisitions.
Underwrite equity securities and new debt for each type of company.
Offer guidance to issuers regarding the issuance and placement of shares.
Intermediation of operations and reorganizations for both private investors and institutions.
Advice on the value of a company and the best way to structure a deal, whether the client is considering an acquisition, merger or sale.
Issuance of securities as a means of raising money for customer groups.
Completion of the documentation before the Securities and Exchange Commission necessary for a company to go public.

Mandiri Sekuritas, the largest investment bank in Indonesia

Mandiri Sekuritas has carried out more than 35 consulting projects for different leading companies. Managed projects include PTPN 5, ASDP, Waskita Karya, PTPP and Kawasan Berikat Nusantara.

With a reputation as a leading investment in Indonesia, the investment unit Mandiri Sekuritas offers securities and financial underwriting services as follows:

Securities subscription.
Financial advice.
Principal Investment.

The company has also received several international and national awards, such as Best in Indonesia for ten consecutive years from Global Finance, Best Investment in Indonesia for three consecutive years from Finance Asia, etc.

Other Major Investment Banks in Indonesia

We can identify several tops among Jakarta-based Indonesian investments, as follows:

  • PT Bank DBS Indonesia in collaboration with DBS Vickers Securities Indonesia and DBS Bank. DBSI offers a wide range of banking services including corporate and consumer loans, wealth management, time deposits, trade financing, savings accounts, checking accounts, foreign exchange and money market services.
  • Citi has been active in Indonesia since 1968 and has an independent investment research and equity sales team, also investment banking professionals, based in Jakarta.
  • BNP Paribas Securities Indonesia has been present in Indonesia since 1970 and specializes in a full range of investment products such as Equity Research & Capital Markets, Merger and Acquisitions, Corporate Advisory Services.
  • PT CIMB Securities Indonesia has been established in Indonesia since 1991 and has built an outstanding franchise in institutional equities, especially in institutional sales, research and trading.

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