If you have ever decided to replace the existing exhaust system on your motorcycle with aftermarket motorcycle exhausts, you would have come across someone who would have advised against it. In fact, that same person would probably have given him logical reasons why he shouldn’t do it at all. If you paid attention to the naysayer and didn’t do your own research on the subject, chances are you’re still riding that boring OEM exhaust system on your bike. There are many reasons against such a change, but all of these reasons can be removed if you do enough research. The following are some of the reasons you may have heard and the solutions along with them.

Break the law:

1. Many states or countries can be especially strict with their emissions laws. This would imply that if you remove the catalytic converter from your bike, you may be breaking the law. All this requires is that you do a little research into the laws in your state and country and then purchase your new aftermarket exhaust system based on your findings. If removal of a catalytic converter is illegal in your state or country, then you can opt for exhaust systems that do not require it.

Smoke increase:

2. It is believed that many people who change motorcycle exhausts can put the rider through the noxious gases from their own engines. As in the previous point, this can only happen if the modification is made without proper investigation into it. You can go to your local bike expert or even search the internet for the right exhaust system for your motorcycle model. In addition, the aftermarket motorcycle exhaust manufacturer’s reliability should also be investigated.

Loud noise:

3. Whether increased noise is a problem or not is a matter of preference. There are motorcycle enthusiasts who replace existing motorcycle exhausts because they want their bikes to make more noise. Many people believe that noise is a sign of a hardcore motorcyclist. Also, even if you don’t want the sound, there are exhaust systems that can slow down the sound rather than accentuate it.

Efficiency reduction:

4. Any motorcycle, or indeed any vehicle, will suffer with regard to its fuel efficiency if you increase the power of the vehicle. This is a tuning dilemma and it’s not just related to exhaust systems. If you want your motorcycle to be more powerful, you will have to compromise on fuel efficiency and vice versa. Therefore, this is a matter of preference and is under the direct control of the bike owner.

Bicycle warranty:

5. Many people think that changing existing exhaust systems can void the manufacturer’s warranty. To avoid this, all you need to do is check the documents you received from the manufacturer when you bought your bike or request them directly through a phone call.

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