To better understand how to protect your car against car theft and to get a better idea of ​​which cars will be stolen, it is important to understand the top five reasons why cars can be stolen. These are the top five reasons why a person could steal your car.

Car ride

Gambling is something that is sometimes referred to as a joke, but it really happens. This happens because a person sees a car and wants to drive in it. They steal it for no other purpose than simply driving around in the car. These are cars that are stolen and generally recovered within a day or two in the same general area where they were stolen. Most cars that are stolen for pleasure trips are damaged, because the thief does not care what happens to the car. Most of the time, cars that are stolen for leisure drives are chosen because the owner has left the keys in the car or left the door switch in an unlocked position.


The second reason why cars are stolen is simple: the thief needs to go from one place to another. They need to go somewhere and they have to have a car to do that. Most of the time, they leave the because wherever their destination is. Sometimes the car gets wrecked and parts are often stolen, but the main reason for taking the car in the first place was simply to get where they were going. Thieves choose these cars the same way – they kept the keys in the ignition or in a way that is very easy to steal.

Other crimes

Sometimes a car is stolen so that other crimes can be committed. This happens when someone steals a car to get away from the scene of a crime that just happened, such as a robbery. However, it can also be done to come up with a different offense, such as a robbery or a drug offense. Most of the time, the stolen vehicle is abandoned when the crime is over, but many times it is damaged or ruined in the process. These cars are usually stolen in places where there are many crimes.


Sometimes a car is stolen for parts. This happens when a car is wired and stolen, and the radio or engine parts are removed before the car is abandoned or found. Sometimes thieves have one or two main items in mind, and sometimes they take everything they can out of the car before someone finds it.

Commercial theft

The last type of car theft is business theft. Unlike cars that are stolen to remove parts, these cars are stolen for resale. The body shops will accept the stolen cars, file the serial numbers and change the look of the car and then resell them. These are the cars in greatest demand and that is why they are stolen.

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