Almost any WoW profession guide can get quite tedious in practice. Although a certain combination of professions can work very well for one player, that same combination can be completely useless for another. The problem with any WoW career guide is that it ignores the circumstances of the person reading it.

This Warlock Profession Guide is written with a different intention. There are many great profession combinations that can work very well with a diverse class like the warlock, and the goal of this guide is for you to eliminate the best possible profession for your warlock’s playstyle.

Warlocks are incredibly powerful damage dealers in World of Warcraft, but they can sometimes be something of a crystal cannon, as their armor is entirely cloth. Although since Wrath of the Lich King Warlock has been based on spirit, both intellect and stamina are still very important. Many warlocks choose to focus more on Intellect than Stamina due to the nice damage bonuses, but lose health as a result. As a warlock, it is important to choose your profession carefully so that you can level up efficiently without being afraid of dying; Unless you have an extremely large wallet, you will need that extra gold later!

Charming and tailoring

The most common profession for warlocks is definitely the Enchanting / Tailoring combo. Warlocks can be an expensive class due to all the potions required during regular leveling, and making your own armor can definitely help reduce the overall cost of leveling a warlock. Because only cloth armor is worn, tailoring becomes the most obvious choice as a profession. A warlock can create some very nice pre-raid armor through Tailoring. However, the best aspect of becoming a tailor is that it allows players to create their own bags. Bags can be surprisingly expensive in the world of Azeroth, and you can really save some gold so you can make your own. Even better, the bags are sold at a huge profit at the Auction House. The best bag for a warlock is the Nether Bag, which is a soul bag that can hold up to 32 soul shards. Any player who levels a warlock long enough knows how frustrating it can be to carry soul shards. The enchantment can strongly complement this choice because some good enchantments can significantly improve the PvP and PvE experience of warlocks. Although all good players and classes use enchantments, it is almost essential for a warlock to use enchantments, as it becomes much more important in DPS classes. Disenchanting can be quite profitable and can turn useless junk into Auction House treasure. A player can disenchant many common items into essences, shards, and dust that they can then use to fund their enchantment.

Herbalism and alchemy

It’s no secret that warlocks burn mana and healing potions at astonishing speed regardless of their build. Choosing the professions of herbalism and alchemy puts Warlocks at an advantage in raids and instances, as well as in PvE. Elixers and Flasks are great for improving Raid and Instance performance, and auction house profits aren’t bad either. The Life Blood buff, acquired by becoming a herbalist, can be a true lifesaver in a tough battle, as it can heal 2,000 HP in five seconds. Since many warlock talents require sacrificing health for mana, this can be an extremely useful buff for any player.


Another useful warlock profession is Inscription, which you can use to create stat-enhancing glyphs for use or auction. Warlocks, depending on their build, can have difficulty performing missions and raids due to a shortage of mana. Injectors for healing potions and mana potions can be extremely useful. Choosing the Engineering profession not only allows a Warlock to create injectors, but also goggles, which are preferred by the DPS Launcher classes. While certainly not the most directly useful profession for leveling up, some warlocks choose to become miners simply for the benefit of toughness. This buff can improve your stamina by 50, which can especially help during the area of ​​effect.

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