This Yorkie potty training method is the one we use and it works for dogs of any size. It is simple and it works.

Almost every dog ​​house training article you read tells you the same thing. Training your dog in cages is the best way to train him at home blah blah blah. God who gets old, don’t you think?

That said, cage training works and I think all dogs should at least get used to a cage (in case they need to spend some time at the vet, take a plane trip, or for some other reason) but that’s about it. .

We used potty pads at first “just in case”. All dogs usually go to the bathroom shortly after waking up after each nap or first thing in the morning. So shortly after they wake up, all you have to do is ask them if they want to go out, take them out, and then let them relieve themselves. Tell them what a good boy or good girl they are and then bring them back (you can let them play for a bit if you want).

Yorkie puppies (or any breed of dog) will generally have to relieve themselves within 30 minutes of eating. So, try to keep an eye on them 15-30 minutes after eating and when they start to show signs that they are about to go, follow the steps above again. “Do you want to go outside”. After they go, tell him how good dogs they are and then bring them inside (again, you can leave them outside to play if you want, they don’t have to come back right away).

Before going to bed at night, you know what to do, ask them if they want to go out, etc. etc. etc. I won’t hit you over the head with the rest.

Now at the beginning of this article on how to potty train Yorkie I mentioned potty pads. These puppy potties are designed with some kind of scent that encourages them to use them. It’s good to have them around for times when you can’t get them out or you’re just not really committed to potty training your Yorkie. To get them used to the puppy pad is when you see they are about to go, just pick them up and place them on the pad. Easy as they say.

Many dogs usually show some kind of signal before going to the bathroom. Many of them will walk in a circle a few times before leaving and some will complain. If you pay attention, it won’t take long to discover the “tell-tale” of your puppies. Once you learn what it is, you will be almost there.

Well, there you have it. Yorkie potty training is easy. Before you brush it off like trash, go ahead and give it a try. Works !!

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