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AMR energy meter

The term AMR is an acronym for automatic meter reading. The term GSM is an acronym for General Mobilephones Standard, while the acronym SMS stands for Short Message Service.

The AMR GSM based energy meter is of the International Electromechanical Commission (IEC) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) type that uses SMS communications to read power consumption, disconnect and reconnect the power supply, and inform electricity thieves.

The power meter has non-volatile memory to protect data, even if the power supply is disconnected. It has a lithium battery to support the built-in clock and calendar, which is necessary to obtain data information.

This meter is of the digital type with no moving parts like previous electromechanical meters. The obvious advantage of this digital meter is that it does not need to be recalibrated every three years. A great saving in maintenance costs with a longer useful life that can be up to 15 years for digital meters.

The Control Center is equipped with computer hardware and installed with a computer program application to manage meter control and data communications and utilization. The AMR server is responsible for transmitting the short message service (SMS) code to the meters to read each consumption, as well as the received data transmitted by the meters. The other task of the AMR server is to transfer load credit to each meter because the meters must always have enough load credit to transmit SMS.

The AMR server is equipped with several GSM modems and each modem is capable of transmitting 6 to 11 SMS per minute. In order to achieve maximum speed and efficiency of communications between the Control Center and the meters, the number of GSM modems used will depend on the number of meters managed.

All SMS communications will follow the usual rate of the telecommunications provider. If there are a large number of meters used on the project, load credit can be negotiated with your local Preferred Telecom for a cheaper rate or better offer.

Postpaid metering is best suited for consumers located on hard terrain or those not in high-rise buildings or condominiums. This meter does not need a data concentrator and data collector like the traditional AMR framework setup.

In prepaid metering, the Control Center can send an SMS command to the meter to switch to prepaid metering mode. In Prepaid mode, the meter requires Prepaid KWh credit to supply energy to the consumer. If the KWh prepaid credit is almost depleted, the meter’s LCD will keep flashing every 5 minutes. The consumer must purchase Prepaid KWh credit from the nearest charging center to replenish the KWh charging credit that is running low.

These meters are certified by international standards IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21 and pass the standard of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in the Philippines.

This product is manufactured and distributed by GC TECH with URL address of http://www.gc-tech.biz.


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