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Bulk REO – Real Estate Investment Award

Leverage is the key. You can leverage your cash, your assets, other people’s, anything including your entire portfolio if you want to go to the next level.

What is the biggest problem for banks in 2010? “Too big to fail” banks get a government bailout, which means taxpayers support them, so executives still get big bonuses. However, what about those banks that are too big to fail? What do you do when you have so much foreclosed property to deal with?

Enter Bulk REO

Before we talk about REO in bulk, let’s talk about the foreclosure system in general. Once a house has gone through the foreclosure process and is put up for auction, it is done. If you own the underlying mortgage on the home, you’ll make an offer for the amount owed plus expenses; in that case, often a real estate investor will outbid the original owner so the debt is paid off. If there is no offer or the lender is the highest offer, the lender ends up with the property. That’s not what most lenders want. They just have a property that’s sitting there empty. The property is now called a “real estate property” or REO, which means that the lender owns it. Hundreds or thousands of small banks and credit unions that are too big to fail have many of these properties on the books and are not producing any cash flow. Because they don’t get ransom money, they don’t get big bonuses, and they need to get rid of these properties. What are those banks and credit unions doing? They may sell them individually, or they may package them in a large bundle and sell to someone who can make a reasonable offer.

Which do you think probably happens?

REO packages typically sell for much less than market value, perhaps $.40 or even $.50 on the dollar. That makes something that could be disastrous that much less so. What’s even better is that for the first time these packages can be purchased by individual investors to trade, buy, trade or even hold.

That’s good news, but it can take some work to find these massive REO packages. There are many so-called “brokers” who claim to have direct access to these offers, but that’s usually not the best way to go. Instead of going through a “middle man”, you want to have direct access to these packages yourself if you want to participate in this.

Find Bulk REO Packages

Finding REO packages in bulk is pretty easy to do if you know where to look and what to tell people. Yet you don’t look where you think you would. That’s where the Bulk REO Secrets course can help. The steps in this course are based on the methods I used to gain access to these packages for myself and others as well.

Find the assets.

Finding assets can be difficult, but don’t waste time trying to deal with banks that won’t talk to you. Instead, opt for smaller, regional or local banks, or even credit unions, which will do this. These are sometimes called “portfolio lenders,” and if you find the person you need to go to at a particular bank or credit union, that’s great. Next you need to figure out what to say. What are you saying? You don’t want to sound like you’re inexperienced, and you want to be able to spot rogues who act like they have shortcuts, but they really don’t. Bulk REO Secrets has all this information for you, to give you instant credibility and the means to reach the “go to” types at smaller banks and credit unions.

Three forms are needed.

You will need to fill out three forms to make bulk REO offers. You need a confidentiality agreement, a letter of intent, and a proof of funds letter. You can get a free $1 million proof of funds letter just for purchasing Bulk REO Secrets.

Take care of the financing.

Finding it can be the hardest part of investing in real estate, but don’t worry. The course will also teach you how to do this, depending on what your exit strategy is. You will need to have funding lined up unless you are simply acting as a broker, in which case you won’t. If you stay the course, you’ll need something called “distressed REO financing,” or if you’re going to take properties out of the package, you’ll need to close with “transactional financing.” This is also included in the course. I know someone who finances packages, no credit score required, and transactional financing source with no upfront fees required, so you can line up $1 million pretty easily, no questions asked, or more than that if you make one phone call.


You can flip massive REO deals in a package or individually, and this is a great way to syndicate what you do. As a large-scale wholesale, it takes some finesse, and I can show you how. What to do? Build your buyers list first, and then start marketing before you get the tape.

Bulk REO Brokerage

“Crowd brokering” is a favored strategy, and you don’t need a license or experience to do it. However, you can get amazing money, fast. One of the best ways to trade the package is through hedge funds, which you can find online. With this, you can get both cash and property. And that’s all there is to it.


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