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Feng Shui Tips for Wealth Creation

Do you have the right to be rich?

The reason why I ask this question is that many people tell me that they would like to be rich, but few believe that they can be. As a Feng Shui consultant, when I deliver a wealth generation coaching session, it is one of the most common enhancements I am asked to provide. But often, before I can begin to focus on how to bring wealth into someone’s home, I find that I have to start preparing the individual to help them receive wealth into their lives.

Anyone can be rich. Everyone has the right to be rich. The Feng Shui tips and improvements below will help you improve the energy in your home to help bring wealth into your home’s life. But for this to work, he must completely change the way he thinks and start believing that he deserves a life full of money and wealth. The generation of wealth begins with you.

Feng Shui Wealth Tips

To maximize the opportunities for wealth to enter your home, the front entrance should be kept clear, in good repair, and well-maintained. At a basic level, this means that the path to your front door should be swept well, your front door cleaned, varnished and painted once a year, and the rubbish bins, boxes and any other objects in front of your house should be keep out of sight. On a higher level, you can increase the wealth energy around your home by placing shrubs and flowers in red pots on either side of your front door, filling baskets with red flowers that can be hung on the front of your house, and painting your door in an auspicious way. color such as red, turquoise or yellow.

Once inside the house, welcome the energy of wealth by placing a wealth enhancement just inside the front door. Money is high yang and therefore wealth enhancements are anything that is filled with strong yang energy. High yang crystals, such as Carnelian and Citrine, can be placed in bowls in the entry hall or on the porch. Vases filled with tall red or orange flowers with spiky leaves and petals like gladioli or lilies should be placed on tables inside the front door. My favorite wealth upgrade of all, a small wooden box filled with paper money can be placed in plain sight so your eyes will fall on it as soon as you enter your home. All of these are great wealth enhancements and have the advantage of reminding you of wealth building every time you walk in and out of your home.

A wealthy home is a healthy home and no room is more healthful than the kitchen, as this is the room where the fuel that feeds our bodies is prepared. To keep the kitchen healthy, countertops should be kept clear of cookware and display only those that you are currently using. Cabinets and shelves must be spotlessly clean and neatly arranged. All burners on the stove must work and all must be used equally and regularly. If there is one that is never used, this can restrict your opportunities to earn money. If you want to improve the health of your kitchen even more, paint one wall in your kitchen a bright sunny yellow or add yellow items like pasta jars and fruit bowls to your kitchen décor.

Once you’ve drawn the energy of wealth into your home, it’s important not to let it out before it has time to flow through your inner space. There are a couple of common home design issues to be aware of that can cause some problems. Wardrobes just inside the front door are becoming very popular in modern homes, but they can have the effect of draining energy before it has time to circulate. To remedy this, hang a mirror on the outside of the cloakroom door. A second design problem may be a bathroom located in the economic sector of the house, the southeast. If you have a bathroom located here to prevent the wealth energy from disappearing, tie red ribbons around the drains and always keep toilet lids closed when toilets are not in use.

When looking at Feng Shui, many people focus on the interior of their home and forget that the garden is just as important. In the garden, the area that controls the wealth of the house is the southeast sector, the area that is bathed in light when the sun begins its upward journey through the sky. Improve your chances of wealth by planting a fruit tree in this area of ​​the garden. Excellent fruit trees to use for wealth generation are plum, cherry, and peach.

If you run a business from home, your home becomes the place where you need to make money. To increase your income, it’s important that your desk and computer remind you of the positive value of money in your life. My own screen saver on my laptop, for example, shows our beautiful house in south-west France surrounded by sunflowers and fields of vines and is a constant reminder of the dream life I’ve achieved every time I open the laptop to begin to work.

Finally, to make the most of the energy of wealth that surrounds your home, you need to make sure that you have a positive attitude towards money in your life. When you think about money, make sure your thoughts are always positive, focus on what you don’t have, what you don’t have. Make sure your wallet or purse is kept neat and tidy and is not cluttered with old cash receipts, discount cards, and promotional coupons. When you return home, don’t toss your wallet or purse in a corner of the kitchen or leave cash in your pants pockets. Treat cash with respect and it will reward you many times over. Prepare yourself and your home to receive wealth and you will not be disappointed.


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