During your weight loss journey, you will find that the fat around your belly is the most stubborn to change. In fact, he is always the last to leave. The irony is that most people usually hit the gym with the goal of getting a six pack or getting that flat tummy in time for summer. However, once they train for a few weeks, they realize that losing belly fat isn’t just about going to the gym twice a week and then eating whatever you want. Belly fat can be pretty stubborn to lose. But not all is lost; here is a basic guide on how to lose belly fat in 5 simple steps.

1. Running

Running is the worst enemy of abdominal fat. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to lose belly fat fast. Running works out all the muscles in your body instead of just focusing on a particular body part. Running will help you lose weight in general. It’s also a good cardio workout. However, due to its intensity, it is advisable to consult your doctor before starting to run to lose weight. The good thing about running is that it doesn’t require any equipment and anyone can do it. All you have to do is start slow. Alternate between brisk walking and jogging, then incorporate slow running when you feel comfortable enough to do so.

2. Full Body Workouts

In order for you to achieve maximum results in your weight loss process, it is best to focus on exercises that burn fat throughout the body rather than those that target only a specific part of the body. In other words, you’ll achieve maximum results by performing a full-body workout instead of

doing abdominal exercises alone. Intense and vigorous workouts help you burn fat from all over your body, including your belly. Also, combining aerobic exercises with strength training would help you get that flat abs much faster.

3. Avoid added sugar

Added sugars may be the reason you still have those love handles despite hitting the gym regularly. Try to minimize your intake of added sugars, as these are digested directly into carbohydrates, the excess of which is stored as belly fat. Alcohol is not your friend here either. So the next time you go shopping, pay more attention to food labels and stay away from anything with added sugar. Eat natural foods whenever you can, just as Mother Nature intended.

4. Avoid refined foods

Refined foods are just as dangerous (if not more so) than added sugar. Most highly processed foods don’t have much nutritional value anymore. All they do is become “junk” in your body. These foods are also often full of cholesterol, which is a major contributor to belly fat.

5. Watch your carbs

If your daily food intake always includes a bag of chips or a piece of candy, then it’s time you reconsidered your weight loss strategy. All excess calories eventually end up stored as fat in your body. So, for faster results, keep track of your carbohydrate intake. Make sure the amount you consume is less than the amount you use. Increase the proportion of lean protein in your diet for optimal benefit.

Belly fat can be very stubborn at times. However, these 5 easy steps on how to lose belly fat can help you get closer to your goal of achieving a flat stomach. Always eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. Watch your food intake and don’t set unrealistic goals. Avoid high calorie foods like added sugar and your belly fat will melt away.

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