Modern materials for kitchen cabinets

Choosing the right materials for your kitchen cabinets is an integral part of making a kitchen within budget and design concepts. This article describes some of the top and best material choices used in kitchen cabinet and built-in cupboard making.

Melamine boards

Melamine is a compressed wood chip board with a thin protective layer of PVC and has PVC edges of different thicknesses to match the color of the board. Melamine comes in a variety of elegant colors and many impressive wood imitations.

Using melamine boards to build cabinets is a cost effective solution and will provide you with a nice modern finish. Due to these two important factors, the popularity of melamines has grown tremendously over the years.

These boards are cut to size with table saws from a prepared cutting list, making them relatively quick and easy to assemble.

The only real downside to this material is that melamine boards are subject to possible swelling with prolonged exposure to water. This happens only if the water finds its way between the joints of the PVC protective liner, if this happens the particle board underneath can swell.

Duco Sprayed Supawood Doors and Panels

Duco Supawood doors are manufactured by first treating flat or molded supawood panels. After that, they undergo a spray painting process with enamel paint. At the end of the process, you are left with a high-quality matte, medium-gloss, or high-gloss finish.

These tables are available in almost any color imaginable, making them very popular for use in creating kitchens and all other BICs. A duco sprayed finish would be more aptly described as glossy and elegant.

PVC Wrapped Doors and Panels

PVC wrapped doors and panels are made by wrapping and gluing PVC sheets onto supa wood particle board. PVC sheet can be wrapped in raised panel doors and slots.

These panels and doors are durable, seamless and waterproof. They are also displayed in a wide range of woodgrain and woodgrain colors, making PVC wrapped cabinets a very attractive and popular choice for most built-in cabinet needs.

Veneered boards

Wood veneer is a thin layer of wood glued to particle board to create a realistic solid wood impression.

Veneers are available in a wide range of hardwoods. These veneers can be stained, varnished, or polished. Veneered wood is not normally sprayed or painted with duco, as this would detract from the natural beauty of the plywood.

Solid pine

Solid pine is one of the few solid woods used in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets. The reason is that it is reasonably priced compared to solid hardwoods.

Pine is more durable than particle board and can withstand wet conditions longer than particle board and can be sprayed, varnished or duco stained.


Bamboo has recently become popular in kitchen manufacturing because it is a low carbon footprint material.

Bamboo is very durable and is considered a hard wood when laminated. It can be duco sprayed, varnished or stained for a wide range of finishes and different colors.


Glass is most commonly used as door panels for display cases.

Although clear, sandblasted glass is most often used when it comes to kitchen paneling, there is a wide range of colors and textures available that could be used to create a very attractive feature point.

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