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The Most Respected Job in India

Chartered Accountant (CA) are highly respected professionals who take care of the financial aspects of any small or large business. They are in high demand as the economy continues to grow and expand.

A Business Manager organizes resources for their company, overseeing budgets and monitoring project progress. They also work with clients to meet their goals and expectations.

Indian Police Service (IPS) Officer

Achieving the rank of an IPS officer is an honor that comes with significant responsibilities. These officers are responsible for maintaining law and order, investigating and preventing crimes, tackling corruption, and ensuring the safety of VIPs. They also command police forces in states and union territories, as well as Indian intelligence agencies.

In addition to their salary, IPS officers receive a variety of benefits, including housing and transport allowances. They also have the opportunity to receive promotions throughout their careers, which are based on Annual Performance Appraisal Reports, Vigilance Clearance, and scrutiny of their overall record. IPS officers are also entitled to medical and family allowances.

Cyber Security Specialist

Cybersecurity Specialists help a company protect its information systems and hardware. They use systematic strategies to prevent cyberthreats and respond quickly when they occur. They also design and build security into software systems, networks, data centers, and hardware.

Those interested in this career should have strong research and writing skills. They will need to collaborate with other IT professionals and end-users to understand how a technology is used daily.

Adaptability is essential for those in cybersecurity because new threats are constantly emerging. They must be comfortable with a fast-paced work environment and be able to track industry developments. The role may also require them to train co-workers on security protocols.


A Judge is one of the most respected what jobs India. This career requires extensive knowledge of the law and the ability to make sound judgments. Judges play a vital role in upholding the rule of law and maintaining societal order.

Doctors are a highly respected profession because they use their skills to help people. They save lives and work tirelessly to find cures for diseases that have killed thousands of people in the past.

Become a lawyer by earning a bachelor’s degree in law. Then, obtain a law licence and gain experience as a lawyer before becoming a Judge.

Administrative Officer

If you are one of the few who are passionate about serving the country, a career in the civil services may be right for you. Civil servants are the backbone of the administrative machinery and earn a lot of respect for their work.

Besides being highly respected, this job also offers numerous benefits such as rent-free housing, free medical care, and a pension. You can expect to earn around INR 8-12 LPA as an entry-level officer.

Doctors and healthcare workers earn a lot of respect from society due to their selfless dedication and hard work. They often put their lives on the line to help others during critical times, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Software Architect

Software architects are responsible for designing and developing computer systems. They also resolve coding-related issues and collaborate with staff members. They often work full-time, but their schedule varies.

New trends are influencing the role of software architects, with many employers preferring architects skilled in cloud-native architecture. This trend emphasizes scalability and flexibility, driving salary increases for architects with these skills.

A career as a software architect requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology. Obtaining a master’s degree can help you advance in the field. Consider enrolling in an online Master of Science in Computer Science, offered by upGrad and Liverpool John Moores University.

Data Engineer

There are few jobs more respected in India than those that work for the public sector. Civil Services are highly sought after for their lucrative pay and the fact that you’ll be contributing to the welfare of the country.

Data engineers are responsible for storing large amounts of information and making it accessible to business leaders. They need strong programming skills and knowledge of multiple languages to create algorithms that can access raw data.

They also need to be able to align data strategies with business goals and design web pages that are user-friendly. Those who want to pursue this career can opt for upGrad’s Full Stack Development course.


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