Jewelry is often created using the widest range of materials. Although eighty-six metals exist and are known to people, there are very few that are known to people in terms of contemporary jewelry. You must have heard of copper, platinum, brass, sterling silver, silver plated, gold plated, pure gold, gold filled and much more. However, what is the ultimate difference between all of these and which is the best if you have to choose between the primary metals? You will soon find out in the rest of the article where the pros, cons and which is the best among the three will be discussed. Here are the characteristics of each one and you will know what works for them and also wins the game as far as medallions are concerned.

silver medallion

Like gold, a precious metal, silver can be easily damaged because it is soft. Therefore, lockets that are made of silver are often mixed with many other metals to enhance durability, unlike any titanium pendant that is durable on its own. You can find the metal to mix with Cu or copper. Quality can be determined simply by looking for a stamp that indicates the level of purity of the metal. People prefer silver lockets because they are substantially lower in price compared to other precious metals. However, when you wear a silver locket, it is likely to react with the environment, especially chemicals in the air. Also, it fogs up quite easily, which is why it is less popular.

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gold medallion

When it comes to jewelry, the smoothness and natural beauty of the metal make the locket look attractive and attractive. If you’ve ever bought a gold locket, you’ll find that it doesn’t tarnish or corrode. However, gold that is totally pure cannot be used to make medallions. If you buy a titanium pendant, you will find that the metal is much stronger than gold. Also, if soft gold is used to make the medallions, it can end up being abused, since soft gold is easily deformed. Higher karat gold must be used for the best locket to be received, plus the metal is very expensive and even less durable compared to other metals.

titanium lockets

The most natural element found with a whitish silver color is this metal and it is also considered the hardest. This is because it is considered much stronger than platinum or gold. Despite the strength, any medallion made from this metal stands the test of time because it is lightweight. Also, you can still wear the metal mainly because this metal, when pure, is hypoallergenic, which means anyone can use it, even those with sensitive skin. It’s the shine, durability and strength that makes it perfect for everyday use.

The winner

Among the three unique metals, it is easier to guess which one wins the battle of being the best for medallions. It is titanium without a doubt because the metal is not sensitive to chemicals and little to no maintenance is required to keep it safe.

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