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Can Bob Proctor’s Winner Image Really Help Increase Your Income?

A few days ago I was laying in bed recovering from a random flu.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I was hoping one person would drop off some freshly baked fudge brownies.

So I pulled myself together, looked at myself in the mirror and my unbrushed hair, and said what the hell. I walked downstairs in my navy pajama pants and gray Old Navy T-shirt, opened the door, and was a bit surprised.

It was the postman with a long-priority delivery box.

I wasn’t looking forward to the freshly baked brownies.


Then I saw that my name was on the box and whose name it was.

Quickly the disappointed face disappeared and now a rusty smile was appearing.

After thanking the postman, I closed the door and he walked me up the stairs. I thought he was running, but really he was just walking. My mind was playing tricks on me.

I started opening the box like a kid opening presents on Christmas morning.

My smile was getting wider and wider.

Finally, after what seemed like forever trying to open the box, I was able to see the components inside.

There were 4 cases from Bob Proctor’s personal development series, each one being different.

The nerd in me was like a kid in the candy store.

I finally decided which one I was going to listen to first.

I think the image of the winner.

And boy am I glad I did.

You see, I’m an entrepreneur, in the world of internet marketing. In fact, I am one of the few who works full time from home.

I had just returned from an event in Austin earlier in the week. I was discussing with some business associates about my income stagnating at a certain level and how I was going to overcome it.

After listening to all 3 discs and watching the old school DVD of The Winner’s Image, I now have more clarity on how to do it.

There was one thing that Bob Proctor said that literally made me pause the CD and really reflect.

He gave an example of a man whose goal was to write $1 million in sales for his company in one year.

It starts with a good week of writing $300,000. But because his old conditioned way of thinking was set to write $1 million for the year, something triggered in his brain informing him that he was off track and he needs to bring it back down a notch.

So your old clothes kick in. Even though he was on track to blow the $1 million dollar goal, his old conditioning pushed him back to his comfort zone and the salesman ended up writing only $1 million worth of business that year.

At that moment I realized that my old image of myself is what keeps me stuck. Your old image of yourself is what keeps you stuck.

Every time I started off right or had a run in my business when everything was going well, somehow my old conditioning said you needed to tone it down and get back on track.

And before I knew it, my sales and income results were back to normal.

Maybe you have experienced the same thing in life. You set these big revenue goals for your business, but you never hit them.

I know how frustrating that is. Trust me. I’ve had a certain 5 figure monthly income goal for 4 months and still haven’t reached it.

But thanks to Bob Proctor’s “The Winner’s Picture” I now know what my challenge was. Now I know how to fix it.

And now I see myself reaching that 5-figure monthly income goal.

I have been following your instructions for 3 days. The instructions say to keep it for 90 days. I since a change already in me.

The same can happen to you too.

You just have to follow what Bob Proctor says in his course.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should get the winner picture, just look at your life now. If you’re not getting the results you want, then you need a new image of yourself and this course will help you get it.


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