The Dungeons and Dragons game has been around for many decades and seems like a pretty innocent board game, as does the Ouija board that you can use to communicate with the spirits on the other side.

Most of the people who play Dungeons and Dragons secretly want to believe in the spirit world and do not believe that playing a board game can harm their soul in any way. However, this is not the case. In this game, spells are cast and demons are conjured, all in the name of gaining more power and victory over your opponent in the game. What most people who play this game don’t know is that every time they cast spells or conjure demons, they are giving the “green light” for demon spirits to enter their soul.

In the following quote from Dr. Shakuntala Modi’s book, “Remarkable Healings”, which has cured many patients from spirit demon possession, we see how dangerous it is to “play with the devil”. Dr. Modi: “Sometimes patients reported being possessed by human or demonic entities while playing with a Ouija board, channeling, auto-typing, or sitting in session. Playing magic games like Dungeons and Dragons and Demons can also opening people for possession. Dave, a fifteen-year-old boy, had a demonic entity that he claimed to have entered when he was playing Dungeons and Dragons. “

You can dismiss this by believing that only a small number of people are possessed by demons. However, this is not the case either. The vast majority of souls on earth have been infiltrated by earthly or demonic spirits due to holes in their aura and a fragmented soul caused by emotional, mental or physical trauma throughout their many lives on earth.

Our recommendation is that if you don’t want to be possessed by demon spirits, stay away from the Ouija board or any game that requires you to cast spells and conjure demons. As the old saying goes, when you play with fire you get burned. These dark spirits patiently wait for the right opportunity to bond with new human hosts, and they do so subtly, using a method called “partial possession.” This means that the demon spirit can enter your soul undetected and give you the impression that it is part of your normal human ego based on fear that is already negative in nature. How will you know the difference? You can’t, and that’s the point. These dark entities do not wish to be detected within you, giving them time to silently work on your soul for a long period of time, causing you to make more and more bad decisions, stealing your light and your ability to love and receive. love. .

To purify your soul from existing demonic entities and protect yourself from future possessions, we recommend that you read the information on the website mentioned below. Note that Angels of Light who offer spiritual protection cannot protect you if you are using your free will to cast spells and conjure demon spirits.

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