The Vampire in Forsaken World is going to become one of the most popular classes, for reasons I won’t go into right now, so you can expect a significant number of vampires roaming the land of Eyrda, once the developer decides to let people roam. .

Now, whether you’re planning on becoming one, or just trying to figure out what class to pick for your Vampire Slayer character, to keep the bloodthirsty populace in check, there are a few things you need to know about vampires in Forsaken World.

The Vampire is kind of a hybrid class. A jack of all trades, master of any kind. Vampires can heal, dish out DPS, they can PK or tank. They also have ranged attacks. Yes, they have it all. But as I said, they are not masters of anything.

Strong alone and PK class, very alone. The only class that can compete with Assassin in PVP. Vampire is ranged attack. He is capable of tanking, healing, PK and DPS.
It is a class that can do a little of everything but nothing better.

Here is detailed information about Vampire, Vampire has 3 different talent trees. They are very different from each other. Choosing a different talent tree means choosing a different way to play:

1.Dark tree
This is the PURE pvp talent tree. Also the only talent tree that gives you the Control Spell bonus, which can disable the enemy when PK. When fighting vampires, you have a % chance to switch to a different mode – so far, I only know vampire mode exists, normal mode. In Vampire mode, this talent tree provides a huge damage bonus that is very, very strong during Pvp. But in normal mode, it doesn’t work very well. The mode change is not controllable, it is triggered by some attack skill. (Actually, there is 1 skill that can turn Vampire into Vampire mode instantly, but this skill has a very long CD which is impractical. Vampire mode is like a buff, it runs out fast. When it runs out, this skill is very far from being able to cast again)

More so, this talent tree has skills that increase Vampire mode cooldown time, improve skill CD, add critical percentage, and add bonus to the single control spell for Vampire, which is very, very strong against another class.

2 tree of life
This is the support talent, mainly focused on healing and HP leech. The talent tree has abilities that reduce MP for healing, increase healing power, and so on. He also has skills that greatly increase HP leech,

3 Hellfire Tree
This is the PURE pve talent tree, but the way the talent is set up makes it strong for single target PK. Adds bonus to flame damage, flame debuff, and CD reduction. He also has PK chase and run ability, he can turn Vampire into a bat, so movement speed increases.

In short, the Vampire in Forsaken World is very strong in 1v1, but group vs. group the class is more of a support class.

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