In the past, online marketers used link building to create tons of backlinks to your website to increase search engine rankings. And it worked. But in 2012, the Google Penguin algorithm update prevented websites from spamming their search results. In particular, those websites that bought links or obtained them through free link building sites designed to improve their ranking in Google.

So does this mean that link building for your website is almost dead today? Far from there!

Don’t ignore link building for your website

Link building for your website has always been an important factor in ranking well in search engines. Links to your website provide strong signals that your site is relevant and popular.

The approach for any website owner now is to create quality content and then build links to that from other relevant, high-quality sites.

How to do link building with content

Generally, increasing the number of backlinks pointing to your website will improve your website’s search ranking. For more links, contact licensed websites or blogs to see if you can provide a guest post or article. That post or article will contain a link to your website.

It is much easier to link to your site when you have high quality content. Remember that without good content your online business is worthless to your audience. It doesn’t have to be a literary masterpiece, but it does have to be relevant and interesting.

Evergreen content

The content can be an article, blog post, report, e-book, online course, video, or audio. The best type of content is that which is classified as “evergreen.” This means that the information presented is not out of date, so it will continue to be relevant in the coming years. That means you will still have content on your site that is worth linking to.

Social media

It is true that Google still relies on “traditional links”, that is, links from other authority sites. Now we are seeing a shift towards Google and Bing who are more interested in what is happening on social media.

Social media links are great for reaching your real customers live. This is a way to drive traffic back to your site without having to worry about what Google or Bing does. Once again, content is king. If you continually produce high-quality content, your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ will share, comment on, and vote for these posts.

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