Saturday Texas Podcast

NPR’s Saturday Texas podcast focuses on Texas newsmakers and policymakers, arts and culture, and education. Guests include journalists, newsmakers, and Texans, who discuss a range of topics in a lively studio discussion. While this show is produced by TPR’s Austin bureau, it is available across the U.S. and in more than 30 countries. To find out more about the program, visit

The Texas Public Radio program Fronteras focuses on the changing culture and demographics of the American Southwest. Featuring interviews with local and visiting artists, this texas podcast explores issues ranging from politics and economics to lifestyle and the environment. The program also offers unique perspectives on issues affecting people in the region. It’s great for those interested in culture, environmental issues, and the changing demographics of the Southwest.

Confucius is a new artist to watch this summer, and he’ll perform at the Austin City Limits Music Festival on Saturday, August 25. The two will discuss their latest single, Sincerely, Kentrell, and how it knocked Drakes Certified Lover Boy off the Billboard 200. The music duo is making waves, and they will be on the show.

NPR’s Saturday Texas Podcast

The Texan rapper Fresh and producer Confucius will perform on Bonus Tracks Stage during the festival. They will talk about the new music by NBA Youngboy and his recent album Sincerely, Kentrell. Their album “Sincerely, Kentrell” has topped the Billboard 200 this week, and the duo’s tour is far from over. This is a podcast that won’t disappoint.

Texan music fans are in luck: the Saturday Texan Podcast will feature Confucius at the Austin City Limits Music Festival on May 26. It will be available in English, Spanish, and is available on iTunes and the Internet. It will be broadcast live on npr saturday tx. npr saturday tesa podgesprochenpara: The newest Texan episode of the popular npr saturday TEXAS radio show will focus on the culture and economy of the Southwest. They will talk about the local artists that are bringing their music to the world. Despite all of this, the program will also feature the latest news and trends from their region.

A new episode of npr s Saturday Texas podcast will also highlight new talent from Texas. The rappers Fresh and Confucius will perform on the Bonus Tracks Stage at 12:30pm on Saturday, and they will discuss their latest album Sincerely, Kentrell. It was a major hit, knocking Drake’s Certified Lover Boy off the top of the Billboard 200.

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