When using computer, you may have encountered runtime error 429, activex component cannot create object. It is a really frustrating time when such errors occur and you may not know what to do. All it does is take the computer to a technician to fix the error. Hiring a technician can be expensive and so before you hire one, you can try to fix the error on your own.

There is nothing to worry about if your computer shows an error like runtime error 429, activex component cannot create object. There are some easy ways to fix the error in a few minutes.

This error is mainly associated with Microsoft Office applications. The error occurs when the requested automation object is not created using the component object model. This error shows that you have a distorted Microsoft Data Access component on your computer. Corrupted Windows registry, application error, missing or corrupted component, and incorrect system settings are some of the causes that lead to runtime error 429, activex component cannot create object.

One of the ways to fix this error is to re-register all Office application registry entries. When doing so, be sure to re-register the entries one by one. Another way is to use Microsoft’s “repair” function. Download the updated setup file from Microsoft. Once this is done, your computer is free of runtime errors. However, most of the time, the Microsoft update file cannot solve this problem successfully, since most of the reasons for the error are not caused by an outdated system.

The errors also occur if the computer has become a target of viruses like Trojan Horse and Malware. These viruses can infiltrate registry files and freeze the computer. If you don’t want viruses to create errors, it’s good if you install reliable antivirus software and find a good registry repair tool to recover system registry.

Since fixing the component object model is not that easy, it is better to opt for a professional system repair tool. Various system repair tools are available on the internet that make the job easy. The system repair tool helps to repair DLL files, clean the registry, and remove duplicate files and invalid files. Software repair tools are very reliable as they provide complete scan and automatic repair which helps to remove all errors within no time.

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